Arts and Crafts In August – Setting the Stage: Stickley’s 1903 Arts and Crafts Exhibitions

Virtual event

Gustav Stickley’s 1903 Syracuse, NY, Arts and Crafts Exhibition set the stage for selling his hometown enterprise. But the decision to immediately move the 1,000-object exhibition from his sales rooms to Mechanics Institute galleries in Rochester was its innovation: by solidifying his mark, exposing many to the early “Mission” style, and raising the Movement’s credibility. Stickley’s exhibition predates by a decade what is widely (if erroneously) acknowledged as the very first traveling exhibit: the 1913 NYC Armory Show of modern art and design. What did the 1903 exhibition – and Gustav Stickley – do for future Arts and Crafts exhibits and the persistence of the movement? Bruce A. Austin, author of A Symbiotic Partnership: Marrying Commerce to Education at Gustav Stickley’s 1903 Arts & Crafts Exhibitions, joins us live to talk about the effect of the 1903 Exhibition and subsequent historic Arts and Crafts exhibitions. Learn more and register here.