Cary Collection Grand Re-Opening

Cary Graphic Arts Collection, Second Floor, Wallace Library, Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT Press will be open late on Thursday, April 11, as our neighbors in the Cary Graphic Arts Collection celebrate their library’s grand reopening. Highlights include:

  • View the recently donated first edition of Nicolas Copernicus’s De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (1543) in the new Cary Collection Research Center.
  • Visit Cary’s new pressroom located in the SHED and print a keepsake.
  • Tour Cary’s permanent exhibition, Milestones in Printing, and print on a 19th-century press.
  • Print on the famous Kelmscott/Goudy press, now on permanent public display.
  • View Cary’s spring exhibition, The Heavens: Across the Cary Collection
  • Visit the exhibition, The Third Dimension: A History of 3D Comics, in the recently dedicated Kubert Lounge and Gallery.

For more details, see the RIT Events Calendar listing here.